Trouble Shoot SWH

Problem Solution / Cause
No Water in tap No Cold water supply
Valve at the outlet of system closed
Air lock in the pipes
Valve at the inlet of the system closed
The system is only delivering cold water Consumption of hot water may be too high
Collector may be shaded
The Collector might be choked due to scaling
The Thermosyphonic water circulation is weak or it can be stopped by small air bubbles in the collector or by bends in the pipes between the tank and the collector. if so remove the bends without dismantle of pipes or contact us. Cloudy weather
Consumption is too high
Frequent on-off of hot water tap
Dust collected on Glass tube /collector.
Vapour lock in the collector which can be removed by allowing it to cool & draining the system
Partial choking of the collector / tube with Scale.
Water can be seen from outside of glass tube which means glass tube broke from inside.
Cold water filled during day when Solar system is dry and hot. Air vent is choked due to any reason and pressure becomes excessive inside the tank.
Colour of Vacuum Tube changes or water can be seen from outside in vacuum tube. Inner glass of Vacuum tube is broken due to any of above problem.
Hot water flow at use point is not continues or decreases day by day. Check the tape scale or other obstruction inside the tank. Air vent is chocked or bend.
Overnight water temperature drops or insufficient water temperature observed in morning. Please check for leakages inside the solar system or your concealed piping & hot water pipe. Hot water tape is leakage. Hot water delivery pipe is un insulated.
Usage of hot water during day or in evening.
Consume more hot water than the system capacity.
Shadow falls on system during some part of the day.