Solar Fence Guard

  • Works with a 12V DC Supply
  • Effective protection for fence up to length: 2/3.5/5km / area: 20/30/50 acres
  • Low battery indicator
  • Available With Hooter System in Selected Model.
  • Built in lightning protection
  • Accessories included are connection diagram / line tester / connector wires / earth clamps
  • Weighs approx 4 kgs
  • It comes with 1 year guarantee
  • Prompt delivery & after sales service
  • Manufactured in compliance with the international standard IEC-60335-2-76 : 1999


Agriculture, Industrial, Forestry and Plantation sectors etc


Nowadays electric and solar power fencing has been used in Agriculture, Industrial, Forestry and Plantation sectors. Electric fencing can provide safe and secure boundaries for permanent or semi-permanent applications at a cost lower than conventional fences. We manufacture and supply wide range of Solar Power Fence Energizers since solar energy is a reliable power source for remote areas where mains power isn’t available.