Solar Power Plant (With Battery)

  • Ease of Installation.
  • Hybrid Inverter Design.
  • Long Life tubular GEL /SMF /Lead acid battery.
  • Alternate Charging through Mains. (in Case of cloudy atmosphere)
  • Automatic Changeover to mains in case of Low battery in Power.
  • Load can be operated 24Hrs.
  • Option for Dusk to Down operation is also available Equipped with Data Monitoring facility.


Remote Area Like Schools, Community Halls, Clinic, Hotels etc.

Solar Power Plant-WB

Solar Power Plant (with Battery)

Sr. No. Type of Power Generator/Plant Capacity of Solar Power Module Battery Bank Capacity/ Configuration PCU/ Inverter Configuration Usage in Hours
1 1KW 1000Wp 48V 300Ah 48V/1KVA 7hrs-8hrs
2 1.2KW 1200Wp 48V 360Ah 48V/1.5KVA 7hrs-8hrs
3 1.5KW 1500Wp 48V 450Ah 48V/1.5KVA 7hrs-8hrs
4 2KW 2000Wp 48V 600Ah 48V/2KVA 7hrs-8hrs
5 3KW 3000Wp 48V 900Ah 48V/3KVA 7hrs-8hrs
6 4KW 4000Wp 96V 600Ah 96V/4KVA 7hrs-8hrs
7 5KW 5000Wp 96V 750Ah 96V/5KVA 7hrs-8hrs
8 6KW 6000Wp 96V 900Ah 96V/6KVA 7hrs-8hrs
9 8KW 8000Wp 120V 960Ah 120V/8KVA 7hrs-8hrs
10 10KW 10000Wp 120V 1200Ah 120V/10KVA 7hrs-8hrs