Solar Rooftop System (Grid Tied)

  • Without battery, So Economical with no recurring & Replacement.
  • It Syncs & Shares the Energy with Grid to Reduce the Energy Bill.
  • Adopts 2nd Generation Components for High Efficiency & Realibility.
  • 99.99% MPPT efficiency with innovative week light generation technology to harvest more power during low radiation.
  • WI-FI inbuilt features for remote monitoring of all parameters on phone or PC.
  • Reduced dependencies on energy from non renewable sources.
  • Hot Deep GI Mounting Structure.
  • Environment friendly statement.
  • Greater control of one’s energy with little or no down time.
  • EMISUN Provides the reverse feeding controller for DG & Reverse flow.


Grid tied systems are ideal for rooftop applications especially in Domestic, commercial and institutional settings such as office buildings, factories, warehouses, hotels, institutes, etc., where there are large Un utilized rooftop spaces available.

Solar Power Plant-WB